Frank Glasby

More manuscripts will be added soon.

This work, In Search of the Soul, is the result of a personal search for spiritual identity, and an understanding of the nature of the human soul.  The investigation shows that man is a spiritual being, and the book discusses methods of experiencing the inner spiritual identity.  

In Search of the Soul.pdf In Search of the Soul.pdf
Size : 1862.601 Kb
Type : pdf

The storyline of Lords of the Hidden Worlds is based on the Buddhist concept of the journey of the soul through various worlds on its way to the heaven world. The central character becomes a disciple of a Tibetan Buddhist lama, by which he hopes to attain power to improve his personal life.   He explores each world as a means of gaining mastery over it.


Lords of the Hidden Worlds.pdf Lords of the Hidden Worlds.pdf
Size : 1233.523 Kb
Type : pdf

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